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Welcome to the prints section of Spencer W Tart’s web site.

Click on one of the links on the left-hand side to view your choice from many of the fine art prints published by Spencer Tart over the past 25 years. The availability of some prints is extremely limited, as indicated in the gallery.


Spencer W Tart Middle East Watercolour Artist Small Framed printThe first section in the Prints Gallery shows Spencer Tarts most recent series of editions: fine quality Giclee prints, published in small editions.

The remaining groups illustrate all Spencer Tarts other limited edition prints of his watercolour paintings. These are printed on either a smooth acid free cartridge paper or a slightly rougher textured art paper, all using light fast inks. All work is printed in the UK (the printers are one of only 25 members of the Fine Art Trade Guild) and, with the exception of one, are published in Limited Editions.

Please note that colours of the prints and originals in the on-line gallery are as close as possible to the pictures themselves, but are not guaranteed to be exact.

Picture Price Guide

With the many different prints available prices vary according to size, number in the edition, paper and availability. Please contact us specifying which print/s you are interested in. As a price guide:

Large prints (L) - 50 to 75
Small Print (S) - 40 to 60
Mounted small (MS) - 35 to 45
Giclee Prints - 95

Picture Size Guide

The best indication is the size of picture when framed. There are three size categories of prints, although image sizes vary.

LARGE & SMALL PRINTS (L & S) - supplied without mount. The measurements below give an indication of the average final size of a framed picture (measured inside of the frame) as illustrated.

Small – when framed – approximately 425 x 525mm (16 x 20 inches)
Large – when framed – approximately 525 x 650mm (20 x 24 inches)

MATTED SMALL PRINTS (MS) – supplied mounted using acid free board and ready to be framed. Mount size is 320 x 407mm (12.6 x 16 inches).

GICLEE PRINTS - supplied without mount. Paper size is A2 so the mounted and framed pictures will be approximately 550mm x 700mm.
Spencer W Tart Middle East Watercolour Artist Large Mounted print

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